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Proven Success: Educational clients receive results after only four consistent sessions. Professional clients may receive success after initial session!

Whether it is exam preparation or specific subject educational assistance, E.P.S.S. has a proven record of clients seeing results after only four consistent sessions. Similarily, E.P.S.S. professional clients requesting for resume development, career counseling, etc. may receive results after the initial session. 

Customized Learning and/or Project  Plans

Any E.P.S.S. service will include an individualized, customized plan. For educational clients, E.P.S.S. develops a unique individualized educational plan designed to:  (1) assess the student's deficit areas, (2) draft a plan to address the deficit areas, (3) assess and track progress, and (4) demonstrate improvement. 

For professional clients, E.P.S.S. develops a unique, individualized professional plan designed to address the client's needs. 

Different Students 

Require Different

Approaches to Learning

 Understanding both the learning style and cultural diversity of students support E.P.S.S. efforts in designing and presenting effective instruction by implementing diverse strategies.  Although a variety of learning styles are likely represented by students in any setting, E.P.S.S. routinely designs instruction using the research-based learning cycle.  This cycle provides the framework to encompass a repertoire of effective learning strategies, which can accommodate individual student preferences, engage diverse learners, as well as establish a respect for differing preferences and perspectives.

Exam Prep

E.P.S.S. offers a variety of entrance exam preparation programs to include, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT I), SAT Subject Test (SAT II) American College Testing (ACT) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The programs are designed to provide students with the information and skills required to score well on these exams. Refer to the Test Prep page for more information. 

In The News

What is a "Good" SAT/ACT Test Score? 

What are good SAT scores? Do you have the SAT scores you need to get into your top choice schools? This article explains the relationship between college admissions and SAT scores. You can also check out these SAT links (or ACT links):


Test Prep: 9 Tips for SAT Success

They're the three letters that strike fear into the hearts of nearly every high school student: SAT. The Scholastic Aptitude Test generally takes high school students about four hours to complete on sleepy Saturday mornings, and it plays a significant role in the college application process. To lessen the stress, it's important to get a handle on how this 170-question behemoth is structured.



Copyright © 2013 U.S.News & World Report LP.

Copyright © 2013 U.S.News & World Report LP.

Hiring managers spend only seconds skimming your resume before making a quick decision about whether to reject you or consider you further, so it's essential that your resume doesn't contain the red flags that will turn them off during that short initial scan. Here are eight red flags that will often put you straight into the "no" pile without further consideration.

What are the Red Flags to Resume Development?


— Greg, Tyrone, Georgia

"I could not have completed my graduate course work without the assistance of Dr. Porter. Thank you for your support! "



— Terry, Fairburn, Georgia

"I have used E.P.S.S. services for both educational as well as professional needs. From assistance with my research papers to assistance with a resume and cover letters, E.P.S.S. has helped me to succeed! "

--- T.B. Fairburn, Georgia 

“Dr. Porter has helped me improve my grades in all my subject areas, such as English, History, Geography, Science and Algebra. She provided me with the confidence I needed to do well in my classes. "